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Sample Stories

One Shot by xoxluurve

“I'm already in love with someone,” I said. “And who is this supposed moron,” he muttered darkly. I turned and looked at him. Oh God, here goes the last shred of dignity I own. I took a deep breath. “You.”...Read More

Starting Over by Marcy Bassett

Jenna Terrington gave her carry-on bag one last shove and said a silent prayer of thanks as she felt it give way and slide into the cramped overhead compartment. All she wanted was to sink down into her cramped coach seat and get lost in the fashion magazine she’d purchased for the three hour trip. She plunked down in her aisle seat and ran a hand through her chestnut hair. A wave of relief washed over her at the sight of the two empty seats beside her. She didn’t have the energy or the desire to make small talk with anyone today, least of all with strangers. All she wanted was to be alone. There was a time when she’d been eager to strike up a conversation with someone she didn’t know, the life of every party, the one who made others feel at ease in social settings. But that was then. This was now....Read More